"Ich habe es nicht gewusst"/"I didn't know"


Prof. Madjid Samii, you are now 80 years old, you approach the day of your death.
Now is the time to repent and to repair, now is the time to be a true example to your grandchildren, family, colleagues and friends. Admit, repair and learn from your errors.


Prof. Madjid Samii is a criminal neurosurgeon. Undoubtedly he has performed many successful surgeries but this does not justify his experimental neurosurgery without informed consent of patients. Prof. Madjid Samii refuses to treat patients who are victims of his medical errors. We strongly recommend you read: These websites are set up to provide you with the truth about medical malpractice by Prof. Madjid Samii and Dr. Marcos Tatagiba who assisted during the surgery. These sites are created by one of his patients who has become weelchair-bound and who never received any information or remedial medical care by Prof. Madjid Samii. Prof. Madjid Samii has been notified about these websites and has so far never instituted legal proceedings.